Train for Care LMS

Our Learning Management System is here to support your learning and development.

It is one which is intended to be enabling and helping you to develop your knowledge, skills and understanding of a broad rang of subjects under the umbrella of health and social care.

    Available courses

    The Care Certificate is made up of 15 Standards which you need to complete withing the first 12 weeks of your employment.

    Train for Care's induction will provide you with a lot of the theoretical knowledge needed to undertake the certificate and some of the competence elements.

    You will be observed in practice and assessed in order to measure your competence against the Care Certificate Standards. 

    All the information and documentation is contained withing this programme.

    An Accredited training programme to build awareness and understanding of undertaking mental capacity assessments, best interest decisions and reviews.

    What is capacity?

    What is the difference between an Advanced Decision and an Advanced Wish / Statement.

    This accredited course has been developed to provide organisations with opportunities to support staff to gain confidence in helping individuals with mental health and wellbeing issues.

    This accredited course is designed to support organisations to support their staff to build work-based resilience skills.

    Infection Prevention and Control is an important component of your duty of care.

    It keeps people safe and free from infection.

    Outline of the course


    The course is designed to provide the Learner with a theoretical and practical understanding of the skills required to coach another person.


    Each of the six one-hour sessions will be split into two parts, the first part covering the theoretical aspects and the second part an active coaching session during which the Coachee (the Learner) will bring a real work issue to use within the sessions. This may of course be coaching itself if they have already started.


    Sessions will be held on-line using Zoom / Skype 


    All course materials will be provided.